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Paradise Shower Solutions

An emotional shower is the perfect union between the different hot treatments for the SPA. It can be personalized with shapes, decorative themes and technologies combined with infinite composition possibilities. The different hydrotherapy effects accompanied by characteristic aromas and warm and cold colors create emotional and thermal impact paths that accompany and combine with all the other KiLife products. Customisable with shapes, decorative themes and layouts that can be combined with the wellness path in which it is included, the KiLife emotional shower is made complete with structure (floor, walls, roof and ceiling) and installation techniques for the management and distribution of water, light and aromas. These are showers often arranged in series, which supply the water at different temperatures and intensities, going from tropical effects to spraying. Lash of flavored cold mist, hot and cold jets at different heights (legs, buttocks, back, cervical), rains or waterfalls, can be some of the effects to be included in possible paths. Benefits of the emotional shower The feeling of well-being is obtained by combining the jet of hot or cold water with a mix of other jets at different temperatures, combined with color changes of appropriate lights and expertly chosen aromas and background music.

Chromo / Music


Vertical Jets

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L120 x P120 H250 cm

L 200 x P120 x H250 cm

L150 x P120 x H250 cm

L200 x P120 x H250 cm

L150 cm x D150 cm x H250 cm

L300 x P120 x H250 cm

L300 x P120 x H250 cm

L300 x P120 x H250 cm

Kneipp Solutions

Path of well-being where cold jets of water alternate with hot jets, the Kneipp path is an indispensable element in every self-respecting SPA. KiLife combines this structure with different technologies to produce steam for professional and domestic use and at the same time manage the most emotional part of the treatment with lights and aromas. Particular attention is given to the choice of technologies based on the specific organoleptic characteristics of the water supplied, in order to optimize the quality of the steam and at the same time maximize the life span of our boilers. It is a hydrotherapy-based spa treatment that involves alternating hot and cold water from the knee down. The Kneipp path with two different versions: the first with real tanks, complete with the most effective recirculation and filtration treatments as well as water heating and cooling systems; the second recreates the experience of the Kneipp path through hot and cold lateral water jets that stimulate circulation. Benefits of the Kneipp path The temperature change caused by different water temperatures causes stimulation of the circulatory system and the immune system in the body. Specifically, hot water gives the body a pleasant feeling of relaxation, while the approach with cold water tones and invigorates the body.

Cold / Hot

Vertical Jets

Walking Kneipp

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Ice Fountain

The Ice Fountain or ice waterfall provides a pleasant cooling after sauna or steam bath. The structure of Ice Fountain can be customised thanks to its EPS structure. The rectangular structure can be finished with different materials (marble, eco-mortar, mosaic and natural stone). The customer can take advantage of ice, produced by a generator and collected in a container with a refined designIt is recommended place it near the hotter cabins or inside the frigidarium, which should contain other solutions for the lowering of the body temperature providing customers an immediate invigorating sensation.

Cold Bucket

To cool intensely and quickly our body after sauna. Shower bucket is made by treated larch wood with capacity from 4.5 to 7.5 litres, provided with a support for wall fixing, hydraulic connections and floater for automatic filling. Bucket will be automatically filled with cold water and pushing a 65 cm long side chain it shots water on the person below. Ceiling and Wall installation.

Cold Plunge

People have been dipping into cold waters for centuries seeking the benefits that can be derived from immersion in cold waters. Cold water plunges, independently or as part of a more extensive approach involving contrasting exposure to moist heat and cold, aid in recovery from muscle soreness brought on by exertion. Cold water shocks the body, stimulating circulation and resulting in reduced recovery time and rejuvenation of tired and sore muscles. The cold plunge at Haven on the Lake is designed so you can experience it on its own or in combination with one of the other healing environments such as the sauna, steam bath or hot tub. The structure of Cold Plunge can be customised thanks to its EPS structure.

The Cold Plunge can be customised thanks to its EPS structure. The rectangular structure can be finished with different materials (marble, eco-mortar, mosaic and natural stone). Internally there are two chaise-longues with an ergonomic shape arranged with a blowing system. The tub is emptying and this makes it ideal for SPA’s and Suites. On the edge it is possible to install mixers, taps and waterfalls to make your tub absolutely unique!


Kerlite / Mosaic / Ecomalta / Marble